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Year: 2020

Moving Tips

Can you believe that the holiday season has already come and gone?? Before we know it, it will be over 90 degrees here in Houston, Texas. That means spring and summer are right around the corner. It is officially moving season. Summer is a point to start over and start fresh. Whether it’s coming home from college, moving apartments or homes, or taking a long European excursion, we all seem to be on the go and moving things. As an individual who just finished moving back from college, I have compiled a simple list to help someone who needed some moving tips.

  1. Buy items in advance so you aren’t wasting time and money hunting them down at the last minute
    1. Amazon and some second-hand retailers can often be cheaper than most stores
  2. Organize items by how you are going to pack them
    1. Clothes, glass items, kitchen supplies, bedroom, décor, large pictures, large furniture
  3. Be sure to pack your items properly
    1. Some furniture might require extra care and attention when packing, such as valuable antiques
  4. Research what moving company you are going to use beforehand
    1. There are so many moving companies out there. Make sure you research each company and look at their online reviews. Some might be more expensive than others but it is crucial that the company will pack your items carefully and efficiently
  5. If you need storage, research the storage facility and their amenities
    1. If you aren’t able to move everything immediately, be sure to check all the storage facilities in the area and pick the one that will accommodate most of your needs. Some of these can include access hours, stable pricing (no monthly price increases), accommodating staff, and cleanliness of the facility
  6. Don’t wait until the last minute!
    1. This is so important. Be PROACTIVE. If things are not packed appropriately and you are rushed, you might forget things or break your expensive furniture

Keepsake Storage

We all have a need to keep children’s keepsake items and school artwork for sentimental reasons. When there is no room in closets many people resort to storing in attics which most times ruin precious items. The heat and poor circulation can damage, so climate-controlled storage is a great solution. Storage is a great solution to keep items safe and in good condition to pass on for generations to come.  Children’s keepsakes and artwork are usually the hardest to sift through, we all want keep artwork through the years and don’t want to let it go.

The first step is to take the initiative to start clearing and categorizing. A great solution is to purchase plastic tub containers and label with a marker. Clear containers work best so you can actually see what items are where. If you have multiple children boxing each child’s separate is key, so in years to come when you pass it down boxes are already labeled with whose items are whose. Labeling : Toys, Pictures, School work and child name can easily alleviate stress now then going through in the future. A great cost efficient solution for keeping children school work are large unused pizza boxes. The boxes are normally wide enough to hold construction paper drawings you just can’t part with but can be organized. All you need to do is label the boxes by age or year and then stack them up neatly. Make sure any items that were made with food items (ex: macaroni necklaces) are not stored. This can attract unwanted pest and rodents.
Once you have your containers organized and labeled it is now time to rent a storage unit. Choosing a size should be stress free with the help of office staff here at Challenger Storage. Another great tool is our size estimator that can be found on our website.
Good luck and be clutter free.

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